Create different & authentic Interiors.

Detail Movement’s mission is to help busy, independent women to create beautiful, different and authentic homes in which they can live, relax and thrive in.

How? By listening to your story, values & needs and creating a tailored design for your interior.

The journey matters!

I believe the client’s story (concept) is the heart of any design process and that the little details of life truly matter in creating something beautiful. That is why Detail Movement values authenticity, empathy and attention to detail.

DM's designs are Contemporary/Mid-Century inspired with a twist (be it colour, patterns or materials). I believe in creating comfortable, casual but sophisticated interiors for people to live and thrive in.

So take the journey. Come discover your story!



My name is Raluca Vaduva and I am the founder and creative direction behind Detail Movement, an Edinburgh based interior design practice.

I have a Master's degree in Architecture and a Certification in Interior Decoration from Inchbald School of Design in London. I had the privilege of working closely with the Creative Directors of some of the famous interior design studios in London: Staffan Tollgard Design Group, Hudson and Mercer, No.12 Studio, Bergman&Mar and Black and Milk.

Being constantly surrounded by great designs and (inspiring) creative minds has lead me to develop a keen interest in discovering what makes the perfect interior. In 2016, I founded Detail Movement to further explore that interest.

Detail Movement creates casual inspired interiors with a focus on Simplicity and Comfort while being Respectful and Sophisticated at the same time. 

Inspired by passing trends but not driven by them, Detail Movement's priority is to bring the client's story to life and to create an interior that represents them and only them.

If you are interested in working with Detail Movement, please do get in touch. Would love to hear from you!


In the interior world there is a concept called The 3rd Glance. Basically what this means is that whenever you walk into a room, you see it in 3 stages.

  • 1st Glance - you see the whole room, i.e. a Living Room or a Bedroom. You see that it is a rectangle room with windows, furniture, art etc. (in the DM logo this is represented by the square).

  • 2nd Glance - you see the room in more depth - you see the colours of the walls, the cushions on the sofa, the different curtains, the little accessories on the coffee table etc. (in the logo this is represented by the opened circle).

  • In the 3rd & final Glance you start noticing all the small details such as the golden thread that runs in the cushion fabric or the way the coffee table legs are connected to the table top, the different & subtle colours in the paintings etc. (in the logo this is represented by the letters dMo - which translates to movement/existence of details - hence the name Detail Movement).

So in the end, the 3rd Glance concept represents that "treasure hunt", the way you discover a room's interior and atmosphere. That is what Detail Movement is all about - the discovery of interiors and their details, their authenticity and sometimes untold stories.

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“Interiors are not exhibition spaces but homes made to be lived in.” - Detail Movement