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White Living Rooms - 10 Best Casual styled corners!

White Living Rooms - 10 Best Casual styled corners!

I have a bit of a confession to make. I looove casual living rooms or any king of interior really, specially the ones that have a bit of tendency into Nordic design styles. What am I talking about? Ok, let me explain. There are so many styles out there, in which you could design your interior: Classic, Modern, Minimal, Eclectic, Luxury, Scandinavian, Country, Bohemian (to name a few). The list could go on and on and on, but I think you get the point. Why settle on Casual out of all these designs?

Because casual design style makes a room feel comfortable, approachable, and personalized. It's closer to styles that emanate cosiness and warmth, with lots of bits and bobs, but way more tempered. What I mean is that it's a design tailored to your needs & likes, with a touch of refinement or sophistication.

I am not saying that other styles are not refined, I just think that casual design makes the best out of two worlds: the high end (expensive) home vs the cosy, chic home (inexpensive), with which most of us relate to.

If you were to look for what makes a casual design, you would find different opinions, such as: large or oversized pieces of furniture, soft fabrics, neutral colour palette or the normal accessories such as candles, flowers, cushions, boxes etc. All of these things should be taken into consideration, but I still believe it that this style can be something else completely, because you're the X Factor here. You dictate the way in which this style will evolve. That's the beauty of it - it evolves according to YOUR STORY!

So today I am sharing with you 10 beautifully designed & styled casual living room corners. Why corners? Because one should start small, getting used to a style. And what's the best way to live with something? To start with a corner in a room. If you love it, apply it to the whole room, and then, the whole flat / house.

So, I've made a list of 10 beautiful corners that you can look at. Click the links towards source images. So are  let's begin!

1. Console table corner by Stylizimo. Styled by Stylizimo - photography by Nina Holst.

2. Low level display shelf from Cocolapine DesignPhotography by Jonas Berg.

3. Window corner styled by StylizimoStyled by Stylizimo - photography by Nina Holst.

4. White casual styled corner from Muuto Design lifestyles.

5. Beautiful, simple corner in a Stockholm apartment from Fantasticfrank.

©Detail Movement_Colour palette

©Detail Movement_Colour palette

6. Beautiful corner from the home of Edde Kaul & Richa Pant via The Design Files. Photography by Eve Wilson. Image no 4.

7. Beautiful corner from the home of Edde Kaul & Richa Pant via The Design Files. Photography by Eve Wilson. Image no 7. 

8. Beautiful Living Room corner via Sara Medina. Styled & photographed for Ikea Livet Hemma by Sara Medina. Styling by Pella Hedeby. Assistant Alicia Sjostrom.

9. Display corner from the home of designer Jenni Kayne's Rustic & Airy Abode. Photography by Nicole Lamote via One Kings Lane.

10. Multi-functional corner from Designseeker. Photography by Frida Ramstedt.

So there you have it guys! 10 different options that prove how versatile Casual Design can be! To be fair, all of these examples are only of white interiors, but that's just one possible approach to this style. I personally love it.

How about you? Which one you resonate the most with? Which one is your favourite? Leave a comment below or leave one on DETAIL MOVEMENT FACEBOOK page (just click on the words) and we can continue our conversation there. Cannot wait to hear from you.

Raluca x

All images that are credited as '©Detail Movement', are done by Raluca Vaduva for Detail Movement. All rights reserved. All pictures that are not my own, I credit them to the best of my knowledge & research, to their online sources. I do not claim ownership over them in any way.

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