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6 Types of Headboards used in Bedroom Design

6 Types of Headboards used in Bedroom Design

A bedroom is one of the most important rooms inside a home. It's the space where you retreat and do one essential activity - sleeping. For that reason, the design of such a room must offer more than just the basics. And since the most basic piece of furniture in a bedroom is the bed itself, how can one "raise it to the next level"? By using a headboard, of course!


Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but a headboard has the purpose of protecting you from drafts and cold surfaces while you sleep (in poorly insulated homes), while also allowing you to place pillows against it to make it more comfortable.

Headboard - ©Detail Movement

Headboard - ©Detail Movement

So, since this is pretty much an important piece in any bedroom design, I've put together a list of headboard types that are used by interior designers. 


Designed by Hecker Guthrie, Photo by Eve Wilson, via Studio Gabrielle

A very versatile solution for those of you that want a bit of personality in the room. The advantage of an upholstered headboard is that you can dress it in a plain or patterned fabric, monochrome or multi-coloured one. The choice is yours!


Designed by Brian Mitchell and Ericka James, photo by Ana Kamin, via Apartment Therapy

A wooden headboard is always the way to go. It's basic, beautiful, warm and rich in colour (depending on the type of wood). You can use it on its own or you can combine it with fabrics and get an extra "oomph" to the headboard design. An inexpensive way to also achieve that would be to use colourful cushions and pillows.


Photo by Ragnar Ómarsson for IKEA

Another option to go for, is the metallic frame. The advantage for this type of headboard is that it can be very see through. If you want to have a more relaxed, casual look or if you want to achieve a minimal or industrial look, a metal headboard should do the trick. 


Styled by Sarah Widman, photo by Alen Cordic, image via The Design Chaser

A simple, yet elegant solution! Aesthetically pleasing, beautiful on its own, you can choose to have it simple or complete it with colourful and patterned pillows.


Heatherly design bedheads via Not a Paper House

A leather headboard can bring a sense of high quality to the room, not to mention a pop of natural colour. So if you plan on doing a monochrome colour palette for your bedroom, you can use a leather headboard as a starting point / focus the whole design of the room around it.


Hotel Miss Clara designed by architect Gert Wingardh, photo by Abi Dare, via Thesefourwalls

If you cannot decide on one type of headboard, you can always go for a mixture of two types, either two completely different materials or the same material, but differently treated (for example I'm thinking metal - brushed or polished etc).

So there you have it peeps, 6 types of headboards that interior designers and decorators use in Bedroom designs. Have you seen another way in which headboards are used? Do you have something different at home? Let me know below or head over to our Facebook Page and drop me a line. Or you can tap @detailmovement on Instagram and message me.

Raluca x

Image refrences: 1. via Studio Gabrielle, 2. via Apartment Therapy, 3. via Ikea, 4. via The Design Chaser, 5. via Not a Paper House, 6. via These Four Walls.

All images and videos that are credited as '©Detail Movement', are done by Raluca Vaduva for Detail Movement. All rights reserved. All pictures that are not my own, I credit them to the best of my knowledge & research, to their online sources. I do not claim ownership over them in any way. 

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