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Amsterdam Photo Journal

As the New Year obviously started (and last year was all about work, work, work), I felt entitled to go on a quick get-away with my husband as to start off this year in a positive way. We just woke up one morning and decided: "Let's go to Amsterdam"! A 2 days new adventure, discovering a new city. So come and see the best spots!

How To Measure Up A Room

Hey peeps! I received quite a few emails from some of you guys, asking about what's the best way to measure up your rooms. As your wish is my command (naturally), I've put together this post for you with all the information that you need. Come and have a look, let me know what you think.

Why I gave up Architecture for Interior Design

This post has been cooking up in my head & in my heart for quite some time now, probably helped by the numerous reactions that I get when I state my full professional background: first Architect, then Interior Decorator (interior designer in the making) and recently Blogger (as you might have figured it out). I am often asked: "well if you are an architect, then why are you an interior designer or even blogger"?

Why you should visit Alhambra!

A couple of weeks ago, I promised you I'd comeback with another photo journal, this time of the impressive Alhambra in Granada, Spain. Well it's here and it's amazing!! I wanted to share with you guys my experience of this place. I knew nothing of it or what wanders it holds, except for a few famous key locations that everybody knows from our little friend - Google (but honestly, I had no idea they were here). 

Although not a very big fan of Arabic architecture, couldn't help but to be impressed. And here are the reasons why!

Travel photo journal: Spanish inspiration!

A couple of weeks ago, I finally went on a much needed vacation with my husband, exploring the south-east coast of Spain. It was our first time in this country and I must admit that we really loved it. Great weather, amazing landscape, awesome highways (expensive taxes for driving on them though) and hidden treasures! We managed to visit 3 beautiful cities and discover some beautiful hidden places. So get a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, relax and enjoy a less known Spanish southern coast.