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Why I gave up Architecture for Interior Design

This post has been cooking up in my head & in my heart for quite some time now, probably helped by the numerous reactions that I get when I state my full professional background: first Architect, then Interior Decorator (interior designer in the making) and recently Blogger (as you might have figured it out). I am often asked: "well if you are an architect, then why are you an interior designer or even blogger"?

10 golden facts I learned in Architecture school that nobody tells you about!

When I was young I loved to draw, especially interiors. I remember drawing a wardrobe, a window with curtains, a rug and always a bed. I remember that one day, I showed my dad one of my (exactly the same every day) room drawings. He then did something that completely changed my life at that age. Fast forward a couple of years and I am in Architecture School...What did I discover? Find out!