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Best of Clerkenwell Design Week - Part 2

As promised last week, we are continuing with the best bits from this year's Clerkenwell Design Week. There were so many good and new things this year that covering this event just couldn't fit into a single blog post. Spoiler alert - there is even going to be a Part 3! So come and see the best bits of CDW - Part 2!

4 Things to learn from a Flower Installation

As a designer, you are always in need of inspiration, always on the hunt for it, no matter the place. No interior designer (or creative person) has ever refused a spark of inspiration because it came from x, y, z place. You would be a fool to do so. It's impossible to know when inspiration will come because it hits when it hits. But what you can do in the meantime is to provide the necessary channels to facilitate its arrival. 

Why the new Design Museum excites & disappoints at the same time

What better way to start the New Year than to go and visit the most talked about museum in London, one that has opened just almost 2 months ago? 

I've read articles and seen so many pictures of this stunning new building that I just had to go and check it out for myself. All this big hype around it made me so excited that I just had to go experience the building and, of course, its interior atmosphere. But come and see what disappointed me there instead!

London Design Fair - My Top Picks

A couple of weeks ago, I got the chance to go and see for the first time the London Design Fair (also known as the former Tent Design Fair). Although there were many beautiful and unexpected products (a real oasis of design inspiration), I decided only on a couple of things as my favourites. 

So here are my TOP PICKS from this amazing exhibition.