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My Creative Process - Part 2

A little while ago I've shared with you how I usually start an interior design project. The first part was all about the space planning and how to make the furniture layout. In this one, it's all about the creative parts of it, the really juicy bits (as they say). So let's dive in, shall we?

Why You Matter!

As the year is coming to an end,  you start reflecting on everything that has happened to you this year, all the good things and the bad, what you dared to act upon and how many steps you took towards your dreams. Basically, you are measuring up your year. And your year may not look amazing or as eventful comparing to others, but that is not important. Come and see what is important!

How to pick the right fabric for your home - the Martindale Test

I am often asked "what is the best fabric to choose for upholstery or curtains"? It's indeed a very good question, one that you are entitled to, especially if you are about to undertake a decoration project inside your flat or home. There are many good answers to this question, but I think one in particular, is of vital importance to anybody interested in this subject.  I did a bit of research for you guys and here is what I found out. If you want to go and buy your own fabric, you need to:

How about a little colour in your life?

Last week I had the opportunity to go the launch of a small pop up store and meet wonderful people! There I got the chance to meet the lovely Natasha Broady, the founder of the 'A Splash Of Colour.Com' brand. I was lucky enough to get a tour of her wonderful shop, and learn the concept behind the products, which is sort of what I thrive on! I love when a product has a reason / story behind it. It doesn't just exist, it has a reason, a thought, a purpose.