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4 Things to learn from a Flower Installation

As a designer, you are always in need of inspiration, always on the hunt for it, no matter the place. No interior designer (or creative person) has ever refused a spark of inspiration because it came from x, y, z place. You would be a fool to do so. It's impossible to know when inspiration will come because it hits when it hits. But what you can do in the meantime is to provide the necessary channels to facilitate its arrival. 

6 Types of Headboards used in Bedroom Design

A bedroom is one of the most important rooms inside a home. It's the space where you retreat and do one essential activity - sleeping. For that reason, the design of such a room must offer more than just the basics. And since the most basic piece of furniture in a bedroom is the bed itself, how can one "raise it to the next level"? By using a headboard, of course!

My Creative Process - Part 1

Redesigning your flat or just a room can be difficult, but it does not mean it's not something worth doing. I've received a couple of emails from you peeps, asking me about how it's best to arrange a room or a furniture layout inside a room. So I decided to share my creative process with you on this subject. Come and have a look!

Christmas Dinner For Two

Let's get real for a second here. I know that there are people out there that have to work on Christmas Eve. I am talking here about people whose jobs put them on call all night on Christmas Eve, like doctors, nurses, policemen, firemen or even people who work in banks and cannot possibly travel miles away to spend time with their family for Christmas. Yes, that is possible, I even know a few close friends that are in this spot. This post is designed exactly for those of you that are in this position and you have to work on the 24th of December, in order to make our lives easier. So come and have a look!