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How To Measure Up A Room

Hey peeps! I received quite a few emails from some of you guys, asking about what's the best way to measure up your rooms. As your wish is my command (naturally), I've put together this post for you with all the information that you need. Come and have a look, let me know what you think.

Why the new Design Museum excites & disappoints at the same time

What better way to start the New Year than to go and visit the most talked about museum in London, one that has opened just almost 2 months ago? 

I've read articles and seen so many pictures of this stunning new building that I just had to go and check it out for myself. All this big hype around it made me so excited that I just had to go experience the building and, of course, its interior atmosphere. But come and see what disappointed me there instead!

The Stunning Nazaries Palace in Alhambra!

So many design events have come and gone by so quickly that I found myself today thinking back to summer and its warm & sunny days. Thus I remembered I owed you the last part of my photo journal trip to Alhambra. I was so excited to visit this amazing, stunning architectural place called the Nazaries Palace. Well no more wondering, it's here and it's gonna kick some serious butt (especially if you are into this type of architecture).

Why you should visit Alhambra!

A couple of weeks ago, I promised you I'd comeback with another photo journal, this time of the impressive Alhambra in Granada, Spain. Well it's here and it's amazing!! I wanted to share with you guys my experience of this place. I knew nothing of it or what wanders it holds, except for a few famous key locations that everybody knows from our little friend - Google (but honestly, I had no idea they were here). 

Although not a very big fan of Arabic architecture, couldn't help but to be impressed. And here are the reasons why!

10 golden facts I learned in Architecture school that nobody tells you about!

When I was young I loved to draw, especially interiors. I remember drawing a wardrobe, a window with curtains, a rug and always a bed. I remember that one day, I showed my dad one of my (exactly the same every day) room drawings. He then did something that completely changed my life at that age. Fast forward a couple of years and I am in Architecture School...What did I discover? Find out!

What is an "Interior Atmosphere" ?

I remember the first time I heard the term "atmosphere" back in Architecture Uni.  The teacher was telling us that it is something that just "is". You can imagine that this explanation was not enough for me, I had to further look into it. Why? Because it sounded like I was missing out on something fascinating. I had a feeling about what it might be, but had to know for sure.