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Get the look series no.7 - Dining Room

It has been a while since our last Get The Look furniture selection and with all the hype around Design Week happening at Salone del Mobile in Milan, this was bound to happen. In this week series, I am exploring a casual dining room design, with an emphasis on natural colour and elements (wood, ceramic and pure wool).

Christmas Dinner For Two

Let's get real for a second here. I know that there are people out there that have to work on Christmas Eve. I am talking here about people whose jobs put them on call all night on Christmas Eve, like doctors, nurses, policemen, firemen or even people who work in banks and cannot possibly travel miles away to spend time with their family for Christmas. Yes, that is possible, I even know a few close friends that are in this spot. This post is designed exactly for those of you that are in this position and you have to work on the 24th of December, in order to make our lives easier. So come and have a look!

3 ways to gift wrap your presents this Christmas

So you've got your Christmas Tree up and already showing off like a movie star in your Living Room. You've got the flat styled, looking festive and you've also got all of your presents bought. Only one thing left to do. IT'S GIFT WRAPPING TIME!!!! That's why I prepped for you 3 different ways in which you can gift wrap your presents. Come and have a look!