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6 Types of Headboards used in Bedroom Design

A bedroom is one of the most important rooms inside a home. It's the space where you retreat and do one essential activity - sleeping. For that reason, the design of such a room must offer more than just the basics. And since the most basic piece of furniture in a bedroom is the bed itself, how can one "raise it to the next level"? By using a headboard, of course!

Get the Look Series no 3 - Casual Breakfast Corner

You know how you always want to have a Breakfast corner (as I call it), in the Kitchen or even in the Living Room? A place where you can have your coffee in the morning, read a magazine, charge up with positive energy before starting your day?Well in this Get The Look Series I am taking a personal approach and styling what my ideal Breakfast Corner would look like: CASUAL, FUN, FRESH and RELAXED.

September Favourites - 4 must have for your home!

Summer just flew by and what do you know, autumn is now settling in. Oh why does time always goes by so quickly when it's the sunny season? Anyway, this summer I wanted to upgrade my rented flat a bit, so I've been on the look out for some cool and unique things.

As it turns out, Etsy will happily provide inspiration for anyone who is looking for anything. I found some stunning, cool, evergreen things on there. And the best part is that they go very well in any season. Cool? Checked! Beautiful? Checked! Always trendy? Checked! What more can one wish for?

Get the Look series no.1 - Grey & Pink with a splash of geometry

Heya ladies and gents, introducing the G.T.L. here!! I have decided to start a series of "get the look" meant to help those of you who want to do little changes in your environment! As a close friend of mine asked me to help her get the look you see here, I thought it to be the perfect way to start the series. So, I have chosen as a first example, this beautiful bedroom design - a fresh, minimal scandi look.

Never go wrong with these 7 evergreen trends!

Every year design trends are set ( same as in fashion and other fields ), but sadly, they come and go. What if there are some things that are always trendy? Something with what you could never go wrong?

I love seasonal trends! But by definition, that's what a trend is - a general direction in which something is evolving / changing. It allows the human creativity to really go at it! It is actually fun to see how things are used every year, or what item will be the next one to make a 'comeback'.