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Get the look series no. 5 - Minimal Christmas look

Christmas is just 2 weeks away and like just everybody else, I too am starting to feel the pressure: decorating the flat, styling the Christmas Tree, wrapping up presents etc. Don't get me wrong, I love doing these things, even if it gets a bit stressful sometimes. Finding a wonderful gift that will put a smile on the faces you love most in this world is no easy task. But what can be easier than that is to decorate the flat or the home. So I've made just that; the first Get The Look Holiday Edition - a Minimal Christmas Look! Come and have a look!

10 Interior Design Top Tips

You want to redo your flat/house, but you just don't know how? You wish it was as simple as having an instruction list with steps to follow (and ensure a great result). Well, no more wondering. Here are my 10 Interior Design Top Tips that you can start doing today!

Get the look series no 4 - Casual Small Corner

It's that time again my peeps, time for another Get The Look Series! This time, while a little renovation project is happening in my rented flat (nothing too fancy, just some flooring replacement), I found myself surrounded by so much stuff, dust and all the goodies that come with replacing floors inside a flat. So I did what any normal person would do (in dire need of space); I came up with an idea of a small casual corner, packed with all the necesities!

Get the Look Series no 3 - Casual Breakfast Corner

You know how you always want to have a Breakfast corner (as I call it), in the Kitchen or even in the Living Room? A place where you can have your coffee in the morning, read a magazine, charge up with positive energy before starting your day?Well in this Get The Look Series I am taking a personal approach and styling what my ideal Breakfast Corner would look like: CASUAL, FUN, FRESH and RELAXED.

How to style 1 console table 3 different ways!

When you live in the wonderful world of rentals, you know (or you find out really fast) that you are not allowed to pretty much do anything to the interior. No nails on the walls allowed, no painting the room a different colour, no change to be made without the permission of the landlord. As so happens, I am in that situation, and it kills me (being an interior designer), not to be allowed to "beautify" the space that I live in. Come and see what I did instead!