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Well, today it was sunny in London, so I decided to grab some inspiration at the famous Victoria & Albert Hall Museum. Beautiful place! If you haven’t been there yet, you should definitely make the time to spend at least one day there. As I am sitting in a small coffee shop near by, having a late lunch (because I forgot to eat, of course), I am trying to sort through the tons of beautiful things I saw: sculptures, ceramics, clothing, architectural much good stuff!!!

Never go wrong with these 7 evergreen trends!

Every year design trends are set ( same as in fashion and other fields ), but sadly, they come and go. What if there are some things that are always trendy? Something with what you could never go wrong?

I love seasonal trends! But by definition, that's what a trend is - a general direction in which something is evolving / changing. It allows the human creativity to really go at it! It is actually fun to see how things are used every year, or what item will be the next one to make a 'comeback'.