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Amsterdam Photo Journal

As the New Year obviously started (and last year was all about work, work, work), I felt entitled to go on a quick get-away with my husband as to start off this year in a positive way. We just woke up one morning and decided: "Let's go to Amsterdam"! A 2 days new adventure, discovering a new city. So come and see the best spots!

Top 5 best new finds on Instagram. Get your inspiration on!

Hey peeps! I am really excited to share with you some amazing finds from the huge world of Instagram. I confess that when this app first appeared, I wasn't really a fan, I thought it to be just another version of Facebook ( little did I know )! In a moment of weakness I joined this big world, and I must admit, got hooked right away. Let me share why.

Get the Look series no.1 - Grey & Pink with a splash of geometry

Heya ladies and gents, introducing the G.T.L. here!! I have decided to start a series of "get the look" meant to help those of you who want to do little changes in your environment! As a close friend of mine asked me to help her get the look you see here, I thought it to be the perfect way to start the series. So, I have chosen as a first example, this beautiful bedroom design - a fresh, minimal scandi look.