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'The Stunning 7' - Simple bedroom designs you need to know about

'The Stunning 7' - Simple bedroom designs you need to know about

The weekend is upon us and I feel a laziness approaching, which makes me think about the late mornings in bed, where you just want to stay under the duvet cover and refuse to do anything but lay there. This also made me think of breakfast in bed and bedroom designs ('cause I'm weird like that). Any good design equals a feeling of happiness and joy, or at least it should do that.

I am a fan of 'messy', casual designs, not the 'magazine look' where everything is perfectly arranged 24/7, and you walk in it like you would walk in a museum. I am of the opinion that an interior must be liveable, look like someone has put their touch on the interior. I strongly believe that whenever somebody does that, they create a story, one that might be beautiful and amazing to discover! And let's be honest here people, that is the actual state of our bedrooms on a daily basis.

So today I am sharing 7 example of casual designs that are brilliantly done, because I want you to know that you don't need expensive materials and objects (although it would not hurt), in order to create a good design. You can achieve amazing designs after your own heart, without all of those bits and bobs.

The beauty of it, is that you can do it even through colours...any kind of colours. Just like this little proposed colour palette, for example, that I did for a guest bedroom project. So without any further additions, here is the list. Click on the links towards the image sources. Let's begin!

©Detail Movement_bedroom proposed palette

©Detail Movement_bedroom proposed palette

1. Project H bedroom - by Avenue LifestyleProject H bedroom  concept, styling and photography by holly Marder for Avenue Lifestyle. Assistance: Malou Muizer and Nina Le Blanc.

Love this design for its simplicity, feeling of space, comfort, down to earth approach and its playfulness with asymmetry. Remember that subtle asymmetry thing?

2. Relaxing bedroom design - by Amber Interiors. Designed by Amber Interiors. Photography by Tessa Neustadt. 

Single image here. Cosy, fresh and relaxing at the same time, with a little mid-century vibe going on. The colours blend beautifully and they manage to create a sense of a holiday retreat. I can honestly imagine myself here, looking beyond those white curtains, and seeing the sea. So job well done here!

3. Bedroom Design via T.D.C - The Design Chaser. Design by Loft Szczecin. Photography by Karolina Bak.

There is a simplicity in the northern design styles that have not yet been matched by any other style (in my opinion; maybe Japanese style - but that is a whole other level). If you are a fan of white interior, then this is definitely the design for you. Combine white, neutral colours with a bit of wood and a touch of nature and you are all set!

4. Grey bedroom via elledecoration. Styled by Frida Schüler. Photography by Alice Johnsson.

Stunning example of how you only need one statement object, in order to have an amazing and 'expensive' look. If you do not have anything golden, no reason to give up. Just go to your local shop and buy some gold paint. You can even have a fun DIY project, giving an old object a facelift. Also, there is no need to throw money on a whole bucket of paint - buy one or two sample pots (depending on the size of the object). This way, you won't regret spending a lot of money on your bedroom makeover. Double win!

5. Beautiful bedroom via Stylizimo. Styling by Styliziom. Photography by Nina Holst.

If you are one of those people who need to see beautiful and inspirational art in the morning, then this is the design for you! Bare walls are fine and all, but I must admit I fall in this category too. Waking up and seeing something you like first thing in the morning, can completely change your whole day. You don't believe me? Try it! It might just change the whole outcome of your day. If you start the day happier, who knows what you can achieve by the end of it?

6. Colourful bedroom - styled by Bek Sheppard

This bedroom design is very popular online at the moment, because it uses: slim lines, soft / lush fabrics, copper, flowers and pink. This makes it, in a way, a feminine design (hence the popularity). Although in colour psychology, pink means fun, youthful and passion. Complete it with grey (which brings knowledge, authority and wisdom to the table), and you get the perfect combo, if you are person who likes to combine knowledge with some fun. Not everything has to be serious, specially in the bedroom!

7. Fresh Bedroom - by Ruth Welsby. Designed & styled by Ruth Welsby. Photography by Martina Gemmola. Image no 3..

I love how the use of one fresh colour, can bring a whole new feeling to otherwise a normal, calm & toned down design. A little bit of yellow, a little bit of geometric pattern and voilà - you have a fresh and energetic design. Don't know what I mean by pattern? Not to worry, I've got you covered.

So there you have it details lovers, 7 bedroom designs that are approachable and inviting. A wonderful mess - as the saying goes!

I love all of these designs, it is why I selected them for this post (obviously). But, of course I have a favourite one - can you guess which one? Well, I'll tell you - it's no. 4! Was it the one you were thinking of? No? That's ok, we are still getting to know each other. Speaking of, which bedroom design is your favourite? I would love to know!

Raluca x

All images that are credited as '©Detail Movement', are done by Raluca Vaduva for Detail Movement. All rights reserved. All pictures that are not my own, I credit them to the best of my knowledge & research, to their online sources. I do not claim ownership over them in any way.

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