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How to style 1 console table 3 different ways!

When you live in the wonderful world of rentals, you know (or you find out really fast) that you are not allowed to pretty much do anything to the interior. No nails on the walls allowed, no painting the room a different colour, no change to be made without the permission of the landlord. As so happens, I am in that situation, and it kills me (being an interior designer), not to be allowed to "beautify" the space that I live in. Come and see what I did instead!

DIY files: How to do a painting with just 35£ or less!

We all know the limitations to living in a rented accommodation. You can't do anything to redesign the interior without the owner's permission. Then there's this thing called "money" to consider, quite important, meaning you really have to watch what you spend it on - like art for example!

Turns out, you only need about £30 - £35 to get the job done; and that included supplies for future craft projects as well. BARGAIN!!!


DIY Marbled Paper - How you can do this and become an artist too!

By now, you guys know my fascination with this trend for marbled paper / wallpaper. I never hid the fact that it is mesmerising to me, although cannot really say why (I guess the fluidity of the lines looks very natural to me). So I woke up this morning thinking if my hands could possibly recreate such a thing? So I did a little digging and found some instructions. The result? I will let you decide for yourself, but I think it is a pretty cool result.