E-Design is an alternative way you can get interior design support and inspiration, without having to opt in for a full design service. You might not have the budget to hire an interior designer at the moment, but you desperately need the help of one. For example, you only need help with deciding a layout for one room, picking a colour palette or pin down the best furniture that will compliment your home. You do not want to re-design your whole apartment now.

This is where an E-Design Service can help. Everything can be done via email and as a result, you receive a personalised package that is created to fit only your personality and your home. As I like to say - tailored in such a way that it tells ONLY YOUR INTERIOR DESIGN STORY!




By doing this questionnaire, I will get to know you a bit more. Why does this even matter? Because by learning more about yourself, I can create a better design concept to express your personality. Let's say you don't like yellow. If I do not ask you what colours do you like, I might tailor a design proposal based on yellow. So, even if it seems like a bit of work, in the end, these questions will help me to create the best possible design concept just for you.


In order to start working on your special project, I will need a layout of the room you wish to change, completed with dimensions and photos. Don't worry, I will provide you with a guide that you can follow. You can also include photos and general dimensions for pieces of furniture that have a special meaning to you or you want to keep as part of the scheme. This will further help me to discover the best version of your personal design story!


After receiving all the information from you and your preferred option, I will start focusing all of my attention on creating your design story! Based on the option that you'll choose, you will receive a carefully thought out package, containing essential information that will help you transform your space all on your own: detailed furniture plans, mood boards, shopping list etc. All of these will be beautifully packed and sent to you in a PDF file.



You can choose from a variety of packages. Whether you need just a layout, a mood board or even a whole concept, these packages are designed to help you achieve your vision and discover your design story.


Q & A

1. How long will it take to receive my design proposal?

Based on the option that you selected, it can take between 1 - 3 weeks from receipt off all required items (questionnaire, pictures, dimensions, room layout etc) and payment. This means that the moment I receive all the information from you, I start working on your design package. All image boards will be delivered to you in a downloadable PDF format via email. Product resource lists will also be accessible via a separate PDF.

2. Why does it take so long for my design proposal to arrive?

In order to provide you with the best solution, all the information that you provide must be analyzed first. This means going first through the questionnaire and familiarizing myself with your personality. The next step is to find a layout solution that works best for your room, with the help of all of the photos & dimensions you provided.

Based on the option you picked, an additional time is spent searching for the best pieces of furniture & fabrics to complete your design story. After everything is ready, your design package is carefully prepared, arranged and sent out to you via email.

3. Can you add my favourite piece of furniture into my design proposal?

Of course. If you have a piece of furniture, accessory or even a piece of art that has a special meaning to you, do not hesitate to provide pictures and dimensions for them. If you have any information or story related to them, do let me know. That way, I can make sure it is beautifully woven into your design concept. 

4. Do you work with budget in mind when you create my design proposal?

Yes, it is one of the reasons why your design package takes this long to be created. Your budget is carefully considered when selecting items, pieces of furniture and creating your purchase list.

5. If I don't like something you selected, can you change it?

Yes. Casual & Concept Package come with 1 time free revision to the product list. If there is one or two items that are not your liking, you can let me know and I will start searching for a replacement item.

Before opting for the revision, please take into consideration that all the products on the list were carefully selected so, in order to create a harmonious design look for your room. Changing one piece can have an effect on the final design look. If you still wish to change a product, do let me know and will happily search for a replacement. 

6. I don't understand the prices. Can you explain them?

Each price is for one room only, except were indicated otherwise. The Basic, Casual and Concept Package are all thought out so that you get the most out of each one and only pay for what you need.

The Floor Plan Package is designed for projects that include more than one room or the whole apartment/house. If you only wish to re-design a couple of rooms, you can opt just for that. However, there is a minimum requirement of 3 rooms.

If you wish to re-design multiple rooms with design boards included, please contact me and I will put together a carefully selected quote for you. However, there is a minimum requirement of 3 rooms. 

If you wish to do the whole house, and it is on one or more floor levels, please do let me know and I will put together a special quote for you. Please note that the quote may vary due to the size, complexity and number of rooms that your apartment/house has.

Prices are VAT included.

7. Will I be able to purchase the items on the list directly?

Yes. If you opted for the Casual or Concept Package, you will receive a products resource list. Each product will be provided with a link, allowing you to shop directly from the source. Please take into account that online shops may require additional delivery / shipment costs. Please adjust your overall budget accordingly, in order to include the extra costs.

8. What happens if an item from your list is no longer available?

Sometimes an item becomes unavailable either because it's out of stock or because it is no longer produced. This usually happens because the world of design products & crafted goods is rapidly changing, influenced by today's economy. There are literally no guarantees that an item that is popular now, will still be manufactured in the next 4, 6, 8, 12 months.

It is precisely why I recommend being financially ready to renovate your rooms before purchasing a design package that includes any product purchases.

9. Once I have my plan and image boards, can I ask follow up questions?

Each package is designed to offer you all the necessary information to continue your design journey. Based on the option you selected, you will also receive notes meant to provide further support.

Once you receive your final PDF presentation, if you still have questions, you can email them at detailmovement@gmail.com (mentioning your name, your e-design package selection and date) in the course of 5 working days and I will do my best to answer them. After that time, our obligation to one another for the E-Design service and design part of your project, are fulfilled.

10. What's next?

You can start working on your project, transforming your interior and making your own world a little bit brighter. I am honored to have been a part of your journey and I thank you for choosing me to be part of your dream.

Good luck!