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Get The Look no 15 - Relaxed Sophisticated Living Room

I am currently working on a new design project and I am in the process of thinking about how the Living Room could look like. The aim is to get a comfortable/relaxed sophisticated Living Room space that can house guests and entertaining. Come and have a look where all the furniture is from.

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September Favourites - 4 must have for your home!

Summer just flew by and what do you know, autumn is now settling in. Oh why does time always goes by so quickly when it's the sunny season? Anyway, this summer I wanted to upgrade my rented flat a bit, so I've been on the look out for some cool and unique things.

As it turns out, Etsy will happily provide inspiration for anyone who is looking for anything. I found some stunning, cool, evergreen things on there. And the best part is that they go very well in any season. Cool? Checked! Beautiful? Checked! Always trendy? Checked! What more can one wish for?

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