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Serpentine Pavilion - A New Story

Every year, a beautiful new story emerges in London's Hyde Park next to the Serpentine Galleries. Each year, a temporary pavilion is thought-out, designed, built and displayed by a famous international architect. Come and discover this year's design!

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Architectural wonder in Valencia - the Science Museum

As an architect at heart, I will always look at the world in a certain way or with a different mindset than most, simply due to my training. An example of this is the case of the Science Museum in Valencia, a place on my "Architectural bucket list" as I like to joke about it. Come and see why that is!

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Amsterdam Photo Journal

As the New Year obviously started (and last year was all about work, work, work), I felt entitled to go on a quick get-away with my husband as to start off this year in a positive way. We just woke up one morning and decided: "Let's go to Amsterdam"! A 2 days new adventure, discovering a new city. So come and see the best spots!

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Why the new Design Museum excites & disappoints at the same time

What better way to start the New Year than to go and visit the most talked about museum in London, one that has opened just almost 2 months ago? 

I've read articles and seen so many pictures of this stunning new building that I just had to go and check it out for myself. All this big hype around it made me so excited that I just had to go experience the building and, of course, its interior atmosphere. But come and see what disappointed me there instead!

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