Get the look Series No.12 - Industrial Living Room

From time to time I like to experiment with different design styles, to test the waters and see if a connection is formed between that specific style and my heart. I am always open (or at least try to be) to new and different designs style and so experimenting (when I have a bit of time) seems like a good way to learn more about oneself. This time, I took a longer look at how an Industrial styled apartment might look like and I saved the Living Room look just for you.

While this style might look different from person to person, because (after all), it all depends on a person's taste and CCL, it can still be surprisingly beautiful. If you are new to this blog or have just joined this little tribe and don't know what ccl means, fear not & have a read here.

Right, so let's get back to the business at hand - the Get The Look Series No.12!

Get the look 12 Industrial Living Room ©Detail Movement
  1. Fine Tresse Wool Rug from Vinterior - £570.00
  2. Hansel Coffee Table from Swoon Editions - £499.00 (alternatives below)
  3. Stanley Black Armchair from Urban Couture - $2,995.00
  4. Northcote Shelving Unit from MannMade London - £785.00
  5. Original 1227 Floor Lamp from Anglepoise - £260.00
  6. Tivoli two-seat sofa (Tan leather, walnut legs) from Swoon Editions - £1199.00
  7. "Time" Abstract Work by Detail Movement - POR

Coffee table alternatives (the Hansel coffee table has sold out since the time I put this post together, so in the meantime, if you wish to create this look and do not want to wait for the item to be resupplied, I've picked two other alternatives, which you can find below).

* Prices are as per website at the moment when this blog post was written - they may vary due to promotions, events and currency. Prices are without additional costs (for example delivery, shipment costs, picture frames etc - where applicable), so please do keep that in mind. If you buy a piece of furniture or any other item that is from another country, there will always be an extra charge for transport. Likewise, local products may still charge for transport. So don't forget to adjust your budget accordingly.

That's it detail lovers, what do you think, love it or hate it? Should we keep the Industrial style in mind for future Get The Look Series or not? 

Also, if you are interested in a certain look for a certain room or you just want some inspiration in general for a Dining Room, a Bedroom or any other room, just let me know and I will put something together for you for the next Get The Look Series. 

Let me know which room should be next below in comments or on Detail Movement Facebook Page (even on Instagram if it's easier for you - just tap @detailmovement and share your thoughts). Cannot wait to hear from you!

Raluca x

P.S: As always, I try to source only the best products that I believe in & believe that you will find interesting as well (and benefit from, of course). I did not receive anything for presenting these products. 

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