Get The Look Series no 14 - Mid-Century inspired Bedroom

GET THE LOOK SERIES is back for another round!! I know I just barely did one for you guys, but my gosh, I really missed putting furniture boards together. 

These posts are meant to spark inspiration for your home (if you are looking to change something and not necessarily the whole home) or, if you really fancy it, to go and actually buy/get this exact look!

So, this time around and at the request of a fellow designer (on Instagram), I've turned my attention to the Bedroom area, a Mid-Century Modern inspired Bedroom to be exact. I must admit that I have some sort of attraction to this particular design style, although I wouldn't completely disregard our present times (you wouldn't find my designs to be completely submerged in a particular style). I like to have at least one, if not a couple of things that are odd or from a different design style. You know, just to keep things interesting.

Let's see if you can spot which one it is this time?

Let me know if you'd like to see a certain room and I'll take that on board for next time. As you can see, I take on requests. 😊

Detail Movement Get the look Series 14
  1. Contemporary Art by Illustratig Rain - £290.00

  2. Obi Brass Pendant Light from Swoon Editions - £110.00;

  3. Pearl Black Marble bedside Table from Swoon Editions - £169.00 (x2);

  4. Mid-Century Platform Bed from West Elm UK - £1,099.00 (King size);

  5. ADO-1007 (Light Grey) from Amadeo by Surya Plush Rugs via Area Rugs - $72.60 - $576.00 (depending on size);

  6. Ogilvy Task Floor Lamp from - £109.00 in promotion (£129.00)

  7. Ritz Armchair (colour Fern) from Swoon Edition - £549.00;

  8. Grey Soft blanket from H&M Home - £24.99;

  9. Cotton velvet cushion cover (Lion Yellow) from H&M Home - £6.99;

  10. Slub weave cushion cover (White/Khaki Green) from H&M Home - £3.99;

  11. Inner cushion 50x50 from H&M Home - £6.99 (x2).

* Prices are as per website at the moment when this blog post was written - they may vary due to promotions, discounts, events and currency. Prices are without additional costs (for example delivery, shipment costs, picture frames etc - where applicable), so please do keep that in mind. If you buy a piece of furniture or any other item that is from another country, there will always be an extra charge with transport. Likewise, local products may still cost you a bit extra due to delivery. So don't forget to adjust your budget accordingly.

That's it detail lovers, what do you think? Love it or hate it? What room would you like to see next? Write it below in comments or on Detail Movement Facebook Page (even on Instagram if it's easier for you - just tap @detailmovement and share your thoughts). Who knows, it might just be the next Get The Look Series. 

Cannot wait to hear from you!

Raluca x

P.S: As always, I try to source only the best products that I believe in & believe that you will find interesting as well (and benefit from, of course). I did not receive anything for presenting these products. 

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