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Get The Look no 15 - Relaxed Sophisticated Living Room

I am currently working on a new design project and I am in the process of thinking about how the Living Room could look like. The aim is to get a comfortable/relaxed sophisticated Living Room space that can house guests and entertaining. Come and have a look where all the furniture is from.

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Get The Look Series no 14 - Mid-Century inspired Bedroom

GET THE LOOK SERIES is back for another round!! So, this time around and at the request of a fellow designer (on Instagram), I've turned my attention to the Bedroom area, a Mid-Century Modern inspired Bedroom to be exact. Come and see where you can get this look from yourself!

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Mood boards - the vital part of any design process

What is a Moodboard? Why are they so important to designers and why are they practically vital to any creative / design process?

I often get asked these questions be people who often hear this word flying around in any creative field. I used to ask the same question when I was studying design, even architecture. As some of you have written to me asking a little bit about the matter, I decided to shed some light on the matter! So, what is a moodboard

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