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London Design Fair - My Top Picks

A couple of weeks ago, I got the chance to go and see for the first time the London Design Fair (also known as the former Tent Design Fair). Although there were many beautiful and unexpected products (a real oasis of design inspiration), I decided only on a couple of things as my favourites. 

So here are my TOP PICKS from this amazing exhibition. 

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September Favourites - 4 must have for your home!

Summer just flew by and what do you know, autumn is now settling in. Oh why does time always goes by so quickly when it's the sunny season? Anyway, this summer I wanted to upgrade my rented flat a bit, so I've been on the look out for some cool and unique things.

As it turns out, Etsy will happily provide inspiration for anyone who is looking for anything. I found some stunning, cool, evergreen things on there. And the best part is that they go very well in any season. Cool? Checked! Beautiful? Checked! Always trendy? Checked! What more can one wish for?

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Best designs from Clerkenwell Design Week

Had the luck to be out and about last week, to see what Clerkenwell Design Week has to offer! Did not have too much time on my hands, but just enough to wonder around in a couple of places. I saw some pretty cool stuff & I really wanted to share them with you guys, in case any of you did not make it there. 


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Top 5 best new finds on Instagram. Get your inspiration on!

Hey peeps! I am really excited to share with you some amazing finds from the huge world of Instagram. I confess that when this app first appeared, I wasn't really a fan, I thought it to be just another version of Facebook ( little did I know )! In a moment of weakness I joined this big world, and I must admit, got hooked right away. Let me share why.

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DIY Marbled Paper - How you can do this and become an artist too!

By now, you guys know my fascination with this trend for marbled paper / wallpaper. I never hid the fact that it is mesmerising to me, although cannot really say why (I guess the fluidity of the lines looks very natural to me). So I woke up this morning thinking if my hands could possibly recreate such a thing? So I did a little digging and found some instructions. The result? I will let you decide for yourself, but I think it is a pretty cool result.

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