Why You Matter!

As the year is coming to an end,  you start reflecting on everything that has happened to you this year, all the good things and the bad, what you dared to act upon and how many steps you took towards your dreams. Basically, you are measuring up your year. And your year may not look amazing or as eventful comparing to others, but that is not important.

What is important is that it was relevant to you!

For example, I took a risk and changed my year from depending on others to taking control over it. I wanted this year to unfold under my terms, so I worked damn hard to be where I am now. I may not be as further down the road as I would've liked to be at this moment, but I decided to take a breather and trust the timing of my life. After all, I am following my dream - a dream that I would never have thought it could start so soon.

The point is that I am choosing to look on the positive side: I did something, I changed something, one step after the other. I am not where I used to be because I started to move. So I want to get a bit serious with you in this post.

Fabric Selections - ©Detail Movement

Fabric Selections - ©Detail Movement

I remember hearing somewhere that nobody will ever live and breathe your business or your dream as you'll do. And that is so true because this is your dream after all, it came to life inside your own mind. Only you know the details, values and all the aspects that it should have. It's your "baby"! That is what this year has been all about for me: taking a chance and start working to make my dream my reality. It's not always easy, but it would have been weird if it wasn't. So I want to share it with you, because I want you to be a part of it and know what it's all about.


I value people's stories. I believe it's what define us. And the beautiful part is that these stories are shaped by our decisions. There are billions of people living on this Earth right now. That means there are billions of stories, each one different, some greater, some smaller then others but nonetheless, worth hearing about. It's true that some might be influenced and guided by limitations or though circumstances, but as human beings, we always have a choice. We've always made choices that lead to each and every single moment in our stories. 

There is a quote going around the internet that says "you have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved". It's a quote that I am actually using as guidance everyday. But I would also add, that you should do this (whatever it is that you want to do) first and foremost for yourself. You were assigned these struggles (willing or unwillingly), and if they are here in your life, it means they can be overcome. I really do believe that.

Video made by ©Detail Movement

Every little thing that you have in your life says something about you, about your character, and I find that amazing. An object can say a little (or a lot) about the struggles and victories in your life. For example, you can have a piece of art that you bought in a time of sadness or great joy, because it spoke so strongly to you at that time. It had meaning to you. That piece of art is part of your personal history. It's a reminder of what was and what you've managed to overcome. And that is what I want to bring to life through interiors, to celebrate it.

Everybody should discover their truest form of self. Once your find that, your inner self will support you, guide you and be your rock. With that on your side, you can do anything you put your mind to. I strongly believe that a good interior is able to channel these feelings for you. Why? Because there is where you feel at home the most. There is where you can be yourself, free from all of society's "rules" about how you should conduct yourself, how you should dress, act, look etc.

©Detail Movement_Project Cherry blossom_Proposed Plan

©Detail Movement_Project Cherry blossom_Proposed Plan

An interior is your escape world, so it should reflect your uniqueness and allow you to simply be yourself, without any effort. THAT'S WHY IT MATTERS! That's why AN INTERIOR NEEDS TO BE TAILORED TO YOUR OWN PERSONALITY.

If you like crazy colours, then by all means, your interior should have crazy colours, or patterns or anything that makes you happy and giggle inside. Your personality is what should generate your interior. If there are so many of us, and so different (no two humans are alike), then why should interiors be the same and not show who you really are?


My dear detail lovers, it's important because once you are free to be yourself, not only you can feel and be who you were meant to be, but it also brings forth your talent, and with that you can make a difference in this world. It all starts with just one step. And that step is important. The world really needs your uniqueness. That how we move forward!

Don't let anyone else tell you differently. You are important! What you like, what you do, who you are and what you bring to the table in this world. It is so important. Do not lose sight of that!

So everything you might have done or gone through this year is exactly what you needed to experience in order to move forward in your own story. Trust the timing of your life and don't you ever stop! Keep on going, step by step. I believe in you!

And with this, my favourite peeps, I am signing off! I will see you next year, full of energy and ready to continue our journey together! Thank you for being here each and every single week. I could not have done it without you.

Have a wonderful, amazing New Year's Eve and never stop dreaming!

Raluca x

All images and videos that are credited as '©Detail Movement', are done by Raluca Vaduva for Detail Movement. All rights reserved. All pictures that are not my own, I credit them to the best of my knowledge & research, to their online sources. I do not claim ownership over them in any way.